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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reporter Interrogated in Yushchenko Poisoning Case

Reporter Serhiy Leshchenko: The interrogation lasted six hours. The previous one lasted 7 hours 20 minutes. But it’s normal practice in Yushchenko’s poisoning case. Interrogations are quite lengthy. During the interrogation, I couldn’t help but start drawing the interrogation procedure. Because this was the first time, the one that lasted 7 hours 20 minutes, here’s the investigator, here’s me, and here’s the place from which he interrogated me. But the interrogator didn’t see it during the first time. During the second time the interrogator saw me drawing him and told me to destroy the drawing. That’s why I failed to save it. But I did manage to draw the landscape outside the window at the Office of the Prosecutor-General. Here it is, looking kind of industrial. It’s a pity because in eight…in eight hours, in six hours, one could go to London and arrest all Yushchenko's poisoners and fly back.

Serhiy Leshchenko is an Ukrayinska Pravda reporter who wrote the eye-opening “The Son of God” (2005) articles dissecting Yushchenko’s 19-year-old son's luxury lifestyle and questionable sources of income. By asking President Yushchenko a question about his son’s conduct at a press conference, Leshchenko provoked an angry tirade and name-calling. Moreover, Yushchenko’s response regarding his son’s finances raised more questions than answers. (Read President Yushchenko's side of the story in his interview on "Larry King Live.")

A few weeks ago, Leshchenko did an interview with beleaguered Davyd Zhvania in which Yushchenko’s friend-turned-foe once again denied the dioxin poisoning claim. After Ukrayinska Pravda published the interview, Leshchenko ended up escorted by law enforcement to the Office of the Prosecutor-General.

Yushchenko reportedly suspects Zhvania of having a role in his poisoning, but his press service has issued a statement criticizing the strongarm treatment of Leshchenko.

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Hans said...

Meanwhile, Russia won't extradite Satsyuk, who has picked up a Russian passport...

Does that automatically revoke his Ukrainian citizenship, or does it only take effect if he comes onto Ukrainian territory and is charged with holding dual citizenship?

Taras said...

Volodymyr Satsyuk remains in the ranks of post-Orange Revolution/Kuchma regime exiles such as Ihor Bakai and Mykola Bilokon.

The corrupt Ukrainian legal system generally considers dual citizenship a venial sin. I wonder how many Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs have it. A party breakdown would be even more interesting.

In his recent interview, Ukraine’s third-richest man Ihor Kolomoisky, who supports Yushchenko and NUNS, admitted to having dual citizenship.