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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Euro 2012: A Euro-Optimist Ad

90 minutes that gather together fans. Two times that bond teams. One championship that unites the nation. A step into Europe is made with a football boot. Under the blue-yellow banner, let us welcome the entire European community! Let’s get together. Because we deserve it. The road to Euro 2012 is a step into Europe!

The Terminator-like voiceover can be identified as the Party of Regions’ tub-thumping tone during the September 2007 parliamentary campaign. With Ukraine close to getting the boot from the UEFA over poor preparations, why not look on the bright side of life? After all, if you own real estate in, say, Monte Carlo, you're already in Europe, right?

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Marta Salazar said...

"if you own real estate in, say, Monte Carlo, you're already in Europe, right?"


it's a good point of view!

Taras said...

You got the idea right, Marta!

It’s a good point of view for those who sit above the public good. As we know, where one stands depends on where one sits.

If the UEFA strips Ukraine of its Euro 2012 hosting rights, the verdict will say a lot about Ukraine. It will demonstrate that a country run by oligarchs can’t organize anything except a social contract based on subsistence wages.

Why try harder?

Anonymous said...

Let's follow the bouncing ball, boys and girls.

Platini comes to down - big show put on of much work being done in Ukraine.

Platini leaves town - work stops. Why? More land corruption involving Cherno - and Yushchenko backing Cherno.

Turns out that the Eugene Construction Company wants money, and Vadim Novinsky, owner of the Eugene Construction Company, is a political opponent of Hryhory Surkis, head of Ukraine's Football Federation.

Who was supposed to pay them? Well, the fingers are all pointing at each other.

Ukraine is going to lose Euro-2012.

Old sovok habits die hard.

Taras said...

September will be the judgment day for Ukraine’s "stop-go" preparations.

Quite frankly, the preparations I’ve seen so far seem to be a zero-sum game for ordinary Ukrainians. I see a bunch of oligarchs who want to reap quick benefits and bill taxpayers for any expenses.

The taxpayers will now shell out millions of dollars to have the Troyitsky Trade Center demolished, not to mention the $400M
market value of the 80-hectare compensatory land plot.