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Monday, November 09, 2009

Presidential Candidate Vasyl Protyvsikh (Vasyl Againstall)

This man obviously got the best of our system. He now wants to get the best of those who want to get rid of that system.

He masquerades as the “against all” candidate. Meet Vasyl Protyvsikh, president of Ivano-Frankivsk Chamber of Commerce and a former chief of Ivano-Frankivsk Customs.

Presidential candidate Vasyl Protyvsikh: I was thinking about this question: Uh...the government is for the people, the president is for the people, the Verkhovna Rada in its entirety is for the people. Now who’s against the people that they’re so bad off? And all of this prompted me to, that is, express the will of the people who...who are against Ya [nukovych] and against Yu [lia/shechenko].

Changing his second name from Humenyuk to Protyvsikh (proty vsikh — against all) probably cost him a few hundred hryvnias.

Running for president costs Hr. 2.5M ($300K), a sum required of all approved candidates.

Central Election Commission registrars had a problem declining his second name but didn’t decline his application.

Some 2.73% voted against all in the September 2007 preterm parliamentary election.

In a tight and high-stakes presidential race, even 0.1% can be all that matters.

How much Protyvsikh will siphon and — and from who — remains to be seen.

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Pawlina said...

Gotta love those rogue politicians.

Reminds me of the Rhinoceros Party of a few years back. Sometimes I really miss those days.

Now we have the Marijuana Party but it's just not the same.

OTOH, the leader of the Saskatchewan branch has a Ukrainian last name. So that could be interesting.

Unknown said...

In Hungary radical parties like Jobbik does that: balming everyone.

elmer said...

What a stupid ass.

If he's going to piss away $300,000, why not just change his last name to "President"?

Ukrainian politics is enough of a sick joke as it is - there's no need or call for this moron to make it even sicker.

alan said...

Voter apathy is world wide. Recent elections for city councilmen showed as few as 200-300 votes cast for entire district here in Birmningham. Sad.

Notes from Kyiv's Underground said...

Does 'protyvsikh'have a website?...i can't seem to find it.

Notes from Kyiv's Underground said...

Taras, does this guy have a website? I can't seem to find it.

Taras said...


Thank you for expanding my horizons!

You have some very funny parties in Canada! In Ukraine, we have Fans of Women Party and Beer Lovers Party.

A Ukrainian Canadian in charge of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party? Wow! In Ukraine, we had a justice minister/renegade MP (with exactly the same second name: Головатий) who, at one point, tried to emigrate to Canada.

I hope they’re not related:)


Thank you for exposing me to Jobbik!

Btw, your typo makes for an interesting wordplay. Many Ukrainians would love to have most politicians embalmed and put on display Lenin/Damien Hirst-style — to see what different shades of corruption look like.

In Ukraine, we have ordinary people hiding in different corners (in disenchantment and disorganization) and a bunch of oligarch cartels running the government.

This guy clearly comes from one of the cartels (aka the elite). IMHO, he’s trying to ride the crest of widespread grassroots resentment of the elite in a way that benefits some of the elite’s members. That’s it.


I don’t think he joined the club just to spend $300K+campaign expenses in pursuit of publicity alone.

I think he’s in the business of siphoning votes from the dominant but decadent candidate in his region: Tymoshenko.


Thank you for spreading the word!

I went on BhamWiki and was shocked to learn of the incredibly low turnouts: 20.1% on Aug. 25 and 14.5% on Oct. 6.

If things keep going this way, democracy will be dead in America.

Notes from Kyiv's Underground,

So far, I’ve only found a Twitter account.

Even if this account has something to do with the real man, we should keep in mind that Ukrainian politicians prefer ghostblogging.

I think it’s Tymoshenko that Protyvsikh aims to siphon votes from, in her stressed-out western Ukrainian base.

elmer said...

So, Taras, if his "business" - and that's what politics in Ukraine is, instead of good government - is to siphon votes from Tymo, won't people see through it?

Why vote for a sick puke like this guy, who is obviously trying to make a sick joke sicker?

If the people don't finally demand that they be taken seriously, when it comes to good government, then Ukraine will not last.

Politicians should indeed have a good sense of humor.

But when a putz like this guy is simply laughing up his sleeve at the people, and making a sick joke sicker at the expense of the people, that's an entirely different matter.

Anyone who dares to vote for this putz, and then later starts moaning about bad government in Ukraine should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered, and then boiled in oil.

There are already enough viruses like this dufus in Ukraine's government.

Viruses like this don't need to need to be in government in Ukraine.

Taras said...

We’ve had clowns like him before.

In 2004, presidential candidate Roman Kozak promised that, with Yushchenko winning the election, they’d join forces to kick the Russian language out of Ukraine. He also called on Yushchenko’s wife to abandon her U.S. citizenship in favor of Ukrainian citizenship.

Kozak's false-flag campaign aimed at mobilizing Yanukovych voters and alienating Russian-speaking voters leaning toward Yushchenko.

elmer said...

Well, well, well - now I finally understand why someone would want to piss away $300,000 to register as a presidential candidate in Ukraine - for some strange reason, it gets you additional representatives on the election boards that count the votes.

The deadline to register candidates for Ukraine's presidential election was November 9, after which the seven candidates who were refused registration were given two additional days to resubmit their applications. On November 13, the Central Election Commission will confirm the final list of candidates for the January 17, 2010, presidential vote.

The main reason some candidates were denied registration was their failure to prove they had provided the mandatory $300,000 deposit, which candidates that fail to make it to the second round of voting will forfeit. Although the deposit is large, political forces might have good reason to back the registration of so-called technical candidates. First, they mean additional representatives on the election boards that count the votes and, second, they could emerge as a potential ally in the second round.

UkrToday said...

His nomination is much more then seeking votes on the Central election commission.

A vote for Potyvish is a vote in support of the establishment.

for those that are not experianced with how the various voting systems work, under Ukraine's two round first-past-the-post presidential voting system only the two highest polling candidates will progress to the second round runn-off. A vote for a minor candidate is a wasted vote and one less vote for any other candidate.

Protyvsikh will not gain more then 3-to 5% he mauy outpoll Yushchenko and the Communist party but he will not be a real contender. The only pne to benefiot form his nomination is the established plyers. It stops disillusioned voters from say supporting Yatseniuk or some other minor player.

Do you think Ralph Nada or Ross Perrot played a constrcutive role in the outcome of the US Presidential elections?

The only good thing about his campaign is that it shows up the Presidential election as being a farce and works equally against Yushchenko. After all all other candidates are actively running against the incumbent.

UkrToday said...

What a stupid ass.

If he's going to piss away $300,000, why not just change his last name to "President"?

Ukrainian politics is enough of a sick joke as it is - there's no need or call for this moron to make it even sicker.

Elmer this is the first comment of yours I think I fully agree with.

The same applies to Yushchenko's nomination. But in his case he will not only "piss away" $300,000 but also what little is left of his reputation.

Yushchenko will be recorded in the history books as as biggest loser, Ukraine's failed president who betrayed all those around him and was the catalysts for the collapse of the orange revolution. a revolution that offered hope and inspiration but failed to be fulfilled. Thanks to Yushchenko

Taras said...

Not only thanks to Yushchenko, but also thanks to Tymoshenko and thanks to a lack of follow-up protests.

Thanks to these factors, the Orange Revolution became three steps forward, two steps back.

That leaves Ukraine with one step: a step that counts.