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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tymoshenko Addresses Nation on Swine Flu Epidemic

Don’t panic! She’s just covering her anatomy.

Enjoy this you-are-not-alone-I'm-here-with-you-I’m-not-fully-responsible address.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko [1:49-2:30]: And therefore far from all acute respiratory diseases are the California flu. For example, out of 178,000 people who have gone down with the flu in our country since the beginning of the year, only 14 as of this moment are recognized as ill with the California flu. The third thing you need to know is that, according to World Health Organization statistics, only about a percent — one percent of California flu cases have lethal consequences. And that's only in cases when people sought medical help after a considerable delay.

What a relief! Too bad at least 328 Ukrainians who have died so far will never be comforted.

Now think about her terminology. She doesn’t say swine flu. She doesn’t say H1N1. She says California flu! Is that official WHO terminology?

On the one hand, she says she takes full responsibility. On the other hand, she says quite the opposite. She dilutes responsibility, something she’s done before.

Because the economic crisis originated outside Ukraine, it either didn’t exist or — once it hit Ukraine hard — was not her fault. Likewise, because the swine flu originated outside Ukraine, her crisis management faults are not her faults.

Forget about all the early warnings, memos, stats, acute medical supply shortages, drugstore stockouts, crazy prices, antique hospital equipment, lack of test labs, etc. She’s doing her best! Period.

Put on your mask and keep your mouth shut.

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Blair Sheridan said...

I would put on my mask. If I could find one.

Ukrainian Canadian said...

Some say it's Pneumonic plague (English -

Taras said...


She might as well have started dispensing her white banners as mask material.


No sooner had she trumpeted receiving the Pope’s “two lungs of Europe” blessing, than Ukrainians began dying of God knows what.

Unknown said...

It was in the news in Hungary as well. She asked help from many countries including Hungary. We will send something but not the complete package what the government asked for because it would cause problems for the Hungarian population so only the surpluss will be sent.

Today we learnt about Stalin's industrilisation project and how 2-3 million Ukranians died in starvation despite you have huge lands to cultivate like the Hungarian Plainland (Alföld).

As I mentioned before the Ukraine is a possible holiday to me and my friend for this summer so we may need that vaccine.

Anonymous said...

“The H1N1 virus which causes Mexican flu has been ruled out,” Radio Netherlands Worldwide reported over the weekend. Ukraine Health Minister Vasyl Kniazevych backed this up in statements to the National Radio Company of Ukraine, indicating that the virus is not H1N1. “The minister noted that the main objective is to identify the virus causing the disease, which is expected to take several weeks.”
Knyazevich has also suggested that the virus could be an already discovered but different form of influenza, the so-called California A/N1N1 flu.

Lviv doesn't have 24 hour water. So how are people supposed to wash their hands regularly to stop the spread of viruses? Instead of wearing masks and panicking, people need to take basic precautions like washing their hands. This is what our government and health care providers in the U.S. have been saying to us since May.

I am not shocked by the total lack of basic information -- pneumonic plague, microweapons, California flu -- but it surprises me.

Taras said...


Thank you for your country’s support and your interest in Ukrainian history!

We call that genocidal event the Holodomor: Stalin’s manmade famine that starved at least 3 million Ukrainians to death in 1932-33 in order to stifle Ukraine’s resistance to Sovietization.

Since Ukraine regained its independence, we don’t say the Ukraine. We just say Ukraine. Likewise, Kiev is the Russian name of Ukraine’s capital, and Kyiv is the Ukrainian name.

So, once we’re through with this epidemic, welcome to Ukraine!


As far as Google can tell, the usage of the word California appears to be largely limited to Ukrainian government sources.

And by the way, according to the most recent government statements, there’s no swine flu epidemic in Ukraine — just the regular flu. Go figure.

Unknown said...

In Hungarian it is Kijev. However I try to remember to Kyiv. Well, I use "the" way too much. I speak quite slowly and the 2 options to say between a pause is theeeeeeee or hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to me.