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Monday, May 17, 2010

Yanukovych Gets Hit By Wreath Amid Rainstorm

As of Tuesday afternoon, only three Ukrainian channels have aired this:, and

Reuters reportedly complied with the Yanukovych admin's request to keep the embarrassing footage in the closet.

That's something Medvedev can be proud of. As you can see, he barely escaped the attack.



akarlin said...

"Для українських жінок свобода має аромат французьких парфумів".

Lol. They certainly have a sophisticated understanding of feminism!

I also really doubt Medvedev minds being protested against in this way.

Anonymous said...

May I ask what was the topic of commemoration? I have never seen a politician soak to skin.

Anonymous said...


He looks like the total idiot he is.

I love your blog.

Taras said...


You understand Ukrainian?:)

I have my own reservations about their version of feminism.

Still, they do create some protest/awareness value as opposed to people who stay at home and create no such value.

As Russia seeks to dominate Ukraine, these girls portray the connection between gender chauvinism and geopolitical chauvinism.

Men use power to buy sex; women use sex to buy power. This paradigm plays out in Russia’s machismo attitude toward Ukraine’s prostitute leaders.

Russia uses gas as the currency of power. The cheaper the gas, the richer the oligarchs. The richer the oligarchs, the poorer the country.

Or, to put it bluntly, the cheaper the gas, the cheaper the girls.

In a kleptocratic commodity-cursed Ukraine, there will be a shortage of middle-class jobs. Thus, human trafficking will flourish while talk of reform and modernization will remain just that — talk.


It happened at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, adjacent to the Holodomor Memorial, which Medvedev visited as well. (Our diplomatic protocol requires that foreign leaders visit both places.)

When Yanukovych and Medvedev approached the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, it started raining heavily. You can even see hail.


Thank you!

Well, it could have happened to anyone. The idiot thing was to try to sweep it under the carpet.

elmer said...

I still want to know why the Ukrainian Army is goose-stepping, nazi style.

They also did it on May 9 in the "Victory Day" parade.

By the way, the Savik Shuster Show covered the topic of the attacking wreath, and censorship.

Now both Bondarenko, and Ganna German, are making it out to be as if the government never made the "request" to the press to hold the pictures.

The Savik Shuster Show showed the whole thing.

You're right, Taras - it could happen to anybody, and would not have been a big deal had the government not tried to suppress it.

I dare say Yanukovych would even have had some measure of sympathy had the request to suppress not been made.

Bravecat said...

Hilarious :) Brilliant footage.

Taras said...


The goose-step emerged from Prussian drilling regulation. Btw, Yushchenko (who otherwise treated the military with benign neglect) tried to modify the goose-step of Ukraine’s honor guard.

As for the wreath of wrath discussion, I'm surprised they didn't question Tymoshenko's alibi:)


We should give the man credit for reining in his knee-jerk reaction:)