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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Topless FEMEN Protests Putin's Visit

Oops, they did it again!

“Ukrayina is no Alina” [Putin's rumored lover Alina Kabayeva]

Notice how Lenin keeps looking for Putin.

“Kremlin dwarfs, take a hike” “Judo fighter, go fight others” “You don't fuck us

“You don't bend us over like that

No, Tymoshenko didn't show up.



Stanislav said...

They are great. Real grace roots movement. I m serious.

Lingüista said...

I admit that's one kind of protest that you don't see in America, despite all the Tea Parties and gun-carrying dudes in town hall meetings.

I'm curious, Taras -- what's the standing of FEMEN in Ukraine? Are they seen just as "those crazy bitches" and not given any importance, or does anyone support them, do they get any recognition? Are they just part of the local folklore, or do they actually achieve something?

MarcosKtulu said...

Que lindas Ucranianas, Taras Bulba!
Lamento la ausencia de Tymoshenko ;)
Fuera Putin!

elmer said...

It seems to me that these girls are the only ones left in Ukraine who have any guts, any heart, any soul for Ukraine.

God Bless 'em.

I love them.

Anonymous said...

시발 꼴려

Taras said...


They did good this time, especially in terms of global publicity.

That said, the excitement at home tends to wear off.

People get used to boobs and circuses. The more FEMEN goes from style to substance, from solo to synergy — from excite to engage — the more support they’ll get.

I liked the way they protested against Yanukovych’s helicopterization.


FEMEN imitates PETA protests.

The people I know hold varying views on FEMEN: from attention seekers to agents of change to everything in between.

Here’s an article that explores FEMEN's humble abode and ambitious agenda.


Lamento la ausencia de Tymoshenko;) >> yo tambien:)))


They know how to set themselves apart from the stay-at-home crowd, don’t they?


Thank you for your interest in Ukraine!

You’re one the few thousand Koreans who have visited my blog during the last week, right?


asehpe said...

Thanks for the article, Taras -- it was quite interesting.

It seems FEMEN has some good and some bad ideas, but above all almost no means to pursue their realization. They look to me like a bunch of well-intentioned girls trying to make a difference--but ultimately without the means to do that. If (When?) their popularity ebbs, they will sigh and then turn to doing something else.

And that is a pity.

(I liked the picture with the girl, Natasha, crucified in a cross made of male bodies... I wonder if American feminists know about FEMEN. They probably should write about them in their blogs.)

Taras said...

You're welcome! I agree with your assessment of FEMEN.

(Actually, it also applies to my blog:)

FEMEN needs to start blogging in English to turn worldwide publicity into cooperation.

If I were still in college like most of them, I’d love to be on their team.

Rockmann said...

These are very independent thinking and brave women,taking on the male establishment and making a statement that they are women and people and have the right to express themselves.
If women want to go topless that is their right. The world should appreciate natural feminine beauty,
not force them to keep their bodies hidden away. The cultures that insist on women hiding away their bodies are the most abusive to women because they view women as property, not as people.

Taras said...

People as property goes against my beliefs.

All the best to California from snowy and frosty Ukraine!:)

DG Speaks said...

Women taking radical steps in not unheard of. On October 31st, 2009, Code Pink organized a protest rally outside the White House to coincide with President and Mrs. Obama's official Halloween party. As many of the guests were family members of military members, the Code Pink press release encouraged attendees to dress as "zombie soldiers". On August 13th, 2011, organizers held their first Slut Walk. As noted in the Washington Post, "In a feminist movement that is often fighting simply to hold ground, Slut Walks stand out as a reminder of feminism’s more grass-roots past and point to what the future could look like." The women of FEMEN are known for their scandalous tactics, much like the women of Code Pink and the organizers of Slut Walks, but they are the new face of feminism, women who are not afraid to speak their minds or show their bodies. They are women who are willing to break all the rules, all the social convention commonly adhered to in their societies and fight for what they believe is a just cause.