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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yanukovych Walks Pro-Govt Reporters Through His Mezhyhirya Residence

He’s just a guy next door.

Enjoy this long-anticipated but kind of limited-view tour! Get the big picture here.

The show hit the airwaves last night (Constitution Day).
Prime time. On just about every major channel.

Out-jogging Tymoshenko

Yanukovych: I believe that every person has the right to a private…life, and there are some areas, like — it’s...doesn’t matter if it’s a politician or not a politician, see — that belongs [sic] to him. And he doesn’t want someone invading…

Kulykov (ICTV): Today, we’ve sneaked a peek into your private life.

Yanukovych: [them]. Well, I do allow…it’s on my permission. I don’t allow just anyone...

Kulykov: And considering...considering...

Yanukovych: ...just anyone. I allow — and every person allows — those whom they allow...those, uh, one has respect for, certain trust in, and you know that this person, they, so to speak, don't carry a big chip on their shoulder. Same with me. I’m like everybody else.

“I’m like everybody else.” Why not put it on this wall?


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