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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Coalition Bribery Caught on Candid Camera?

The video allegedly features a conversation between an Orange MP and a man who bears a striking resemblance to Mykhailo Brodsky, a friend-cum-foe of Yulia Tymoshenko’s. It’s one of the four videos released by BYuT on Friday.

Uploaded by kalina_ukr

There’s this fucking thing called “Better a horrible end than endless horror.” I personally believe that my position is clear. You have to decide whether you’re on this side or on that side and get it over with and proceed.

You won’t have those 228 [votes]. Listen, Yulya will not be Premier, that’s point number one. Two, in case Yulya doesn’t get to be Premier, her faction ends up in the opposition. Yulya will not agree to any other kind of deal, that’s point number two. Three, I still don’t understand what difference it makes to you as to who gets to be Premier and who doesn’t get to be Premier, and so on and so forth.

There’s your capital — this one thing, the voting card. You have no other capital. It’s basically a windfall for you, but, on the other hand… There’s one thing I know: If not today then tomorrow this conversation will be needed, maybe on somewhat different terms, if something else comes along. But still this conversation will be needed. So it’s your business — whether you decide now or tomorrow.

From then on, the conversations will be concise. You call Sasha and tell him if you want to. If you’re interested, we can work. If not, don’t call.


Anonymous said...

How about a translation "between the lines"?

What does he mean, "in the future the conversations will be more concise"? Etc.

What is your "true" translation of what he is saying?

I also noticed that there was slang being used for the money - "10 green" (for your vote).

Brodsky is a fat, obnoxious pig.

Taras said...

I think there’s no need for further translation. We all know what’s what. And the “green” part is in another video, I guess.