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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet the Mannequins 3: Chernovetsky, Pylypyshyn, Pora

Here’s a fresh supply of ads. The male voiceover in these Chernovetsky Bloc commercials, which target seniors and commuters, can also be heard in 2007 PRU commercials.

The district clinic of Svyatoshyno opened in 1980. In 1981, Tetyana Vasylivna [patronymic] came here as an already experienced pediatrician. Forty years of work experience. Thousands of patients. Today, thanks to an initiative of the Chernovetsky Bloc, they receive a monthly increment to their small pension. They deserve our respect and gratitude. Kyiv is the only municipality in Ukraine where seniors receive increments.

The metro is the most convenient means of transportation. How much budgetary spending goes into metro development? Dnipropetrovsk, Hr 3.5M; Kharkiv, Hr 15.2M; Kyiv, Hr 1.44B, a hundred times over what they spend elsewhere in Ukraine. We guarantee that metro lines will reach Teremky and Troyeshchnya. Leonid Chernovetsky Bloc.

The head of Kyiv’s Shevchenko district administration, Viktor Pylypyshyn, runs on a kids/environment/anti-construction platform. This baby kisser clearly hopes to tap into the mom-and-dad market.

Viktor Pylypyshyn: Twenty years of chaotic construction, polluted environment, self-serving government. That’s not the way it should be. Kids should go first. As head of the district, I’ve always cared about kids. We’ve been developing extracurricular activities. We’ve reestablished parks and built playgrounds. We’ve renovated schools and kindergartens. We’ve given our kids hope and dreams. Let’s devote our future to our kids.

Vote for change! Vote for professional government! Vote for the Lytvyn Bloc!

Our kids need us. As head of the district, Viktor Pylypyshyn has renovated schools and kindergartens, developed extracurricular activities, built stadiums and playgrounds. Viktor Pylypyshyn puts the kids’ interests first. Elect a decent future for your kids. Vote for Viktor Pylypyshyn and the Lytyvyn Bloc.

Last Sunday, somebody — or something — screwed Pylypyshyn big time in my native Obolon district. Get a load of these carpet bombings.

Pora came to prominence as a youth activist organization and the vanguard of the Orange Revolution. Since then, however, Pora has performed poorly, due to bad leadership and internal strife.

Despite having gained several seats in the City Council, Pora has almost faded from the public eye. With the Orange Revolution becoming a distant memory, it remains to be seen whether these testimonials and word of mouth will help Pora rise above the noise level.

37A-37B Pushkinska St.
Kindergarten No.183

Female: Early on Sunday morning, a huge excavator was moving in on Pushkinska St.
Female: This guy’s father placed himself under the excavator’s shovel and stopped it.
Male: They put together those raider attacks, gangs. They attacked us.
Little girl: I wanted to attend this kindergarten.
Male: City Council member Serhiy Rudyk, of Pora, he said that our question will be solved — and it was solved.
Male: Pora protected us. We’re not afraid anymore.
Little girl: Pora rescued this kindergarten. Pora rocks!
Voiceover: Pora, No.5, for the City Council.

Testimonial: I’m Bratolyubov Oleksandr, a world underwater swimming champion and a physical training instructor at Gymnasium No.315. Kids should swim, but not all parents have the means to enroll them in expensive swimming pools and sports clubs. Everybody promises the moon before the elections, but I only trust those who do something between the elections. Our gymnasium has a pool and Pora helped us to get the equipment. I know that they’ve helped a lot of schools. And that’s why youth joins Pora, and they rock!

Voiceover: No.5. Pora for the City Council!
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