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Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Brawl in the Rada

Both claim they care about the people. One claims he cares more than the other.

Both belong to a caste that loves Ukraine at a rate of $40K per year (10 times Ukraine’s nominal GDP per capita) and change.

For them, change means millions of dollars worth of “unexplained money” that buys them luxury cars, watches, mansions, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome MP Vladyslav Lukyanov (PRU) and his partner-in-loving-Ukraine MP Oleh Lyashko (BYuT)!

It all began Thursday morning with a routine tie-grabbing brawl, featuring Lukyanov and Lyashko. (Putin clearly missed out on this one.)

Lukyanov then used the occasion to criticize the Tymoshenko government’s refusal to raise pensions, a cause championed by the Party of Regions and President Yushchenko.

Using Lyashko’s battle-scarred tie as an illustration of Ukraine’s giant income distribution gap, Lukyanov led the emotional charge. Ukraine’s average monthly pension — Hr. 680 ($85) — pales by comparison to Lyashko’s tie, worth Hr. 3,000 ($375), Lukyanov hollered.

That’s the price quote that Lukyanov said he had heard from Lyashko in private.

Lukyanov claims to be the proud owner of an $11 tie, which he bought in Japan. Meanwhile, Lyashko argues that his tie costs about Hr. 500 ($63).

Go figure.



elmer said...

Ummmm - if you have to travel all the way to Japan from Ukraine to buy an $11 tie, then the tie did not cost you just $11 - obviously, you have to count the cost of the trip to get the $11 tie.

Funny economics on the part of the Party of Regions.

But then again, "funny" economics is what they are all about.

With tragic consequences for Ukraine.

Unknown said...

Well, we have dumb discussions in Parliament sometimes such as your tie debate. By the way I have $6-7 ties so HAHA I won. :D (irony)

Taras said...


You should consider running for our parliament.

Once you’re elected, your fortunes will improve dramatically!:)


He claims he bought that tie on a parliamentary exchange program trip or something.

He may wear an $11 tie, but he still drives a Lexus GS 300.

elmer said...

Even if it was a parliamentary exchange program, there was a cost involved in getting to Japan.

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


Pronounced - "tanstaffel"

And it just shows you that psychotically sick Ukrainian sovok mentality - making a big show about a supposed $11 tie, which you wear while driving a $100,000 car to your $1,000,000 - all of which you got courtesy of stealing via government.

Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.