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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Protyvsikh Tells His Campaign Financing Story

This guy has a sense of humor to vote for!

Presidential candidate Vasyl Protyvsikh: Money help came from, first of all, my friends, who are scattered all over the world, the rich ones. Yesterday, this pal of mine calls me from Chicago and says, “What can I do to help you? How can it be done?” (He’s been living there for 15 years; his wife is a professor at a Chicago medical university.) My relatives, my fellow villagers...

In other words, he’s telling us that the money comes from his own village and from Ukrainian Village?

Or maybe it comes from the guys who sang the “Ukrainian Bell Carol” in ER Season 2, Episode 10?

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Gabriela said...

Would you vote for him? I doubt it!

Unknown said...

I may be stupid but it doesn't make a lot sense to me. So I wouldn' vote for him. A few years ago Hungary was in a "desperate" (they didn't know how deep a hole can be) situation and in the chaos there were crazy ideas like to invite a foreigner as Prime Minister who have proven his abilities. Has it occured in Ukraine?

Taras said...


I'd only vote for his sense of humor.

He has a tremendous sense of humor telling his jokes with a straight face like that!:)


Voting for this guy (as opposed to voting “against all”) = not voting at all.

Import-a-foreign-leader ideas can be heard in Ukraine too. There’s one big problem with these best practice ideas: Good leaders lead their own countries and mislead others.

We need our own good leaders.

Unknown said...

Well I would disagree with that. Hungary had mainly foreign kings and some of them were good.

UkrToday said...

LOL This guy is what is known as a spoiler candidate., He is not serious in h8is efforts to win. He will at best attrack 3-5% on his name alone. Those supporting him will be supporting the establishment and bby default Yulia Tymoshenko and Yanukovych.

if they aim is to protest and express contempt at the presidential election, and yes I agree I think it is a fast and at a cost of over one bullion dollars a total waste of limited resources, they would be better not voting at all.

16 out of 18 candidates will lose in the first round. A vote for minor candidates is a wasted vote and one less vote for more serious candidates.

As it stand there is no contest. The distance between second and third place is more then 10 percentage points. Its not even close.

The main benefit of this election is that it will hopefully put an end to Yushchenko's divisive and destructive policies. What ever the outcome Ukraine without Yushchenko will be better off.

Hopefully people will wake up and realize that the Presidential system has and will continue to fail Ukraine

as they say you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

Taras said...


Ukraine had foreign kings, czars and commissars too. Most of them did Ukraine no good, to put it mildly.

By contrast, the leaders we exported usually did no harm to their host countries.

Anna Yaroslavna, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, married Henry I and became the queen consort of France, and, later, regent for her son Philip I.

During Anna Yaroslavna’s reign, France experienced no genocide, no repressions, no civil wars and no de-Francization.


Despite his grave faults and slim chances, Yushchenko leaves the Kremlin with little hope for an anschluss with Ukraine. (Other candidates offer more hope.)

No matter who wins, I will remain a Ukrainian. I'll stand my ground.

Good relations yes, good empires no.