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Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Not-So-Smart Army Recruiting Ad

If you dream of more than just a job, if you care about the country’s future, if your life has room for heroism, then service in the Armed Forced of Ukraine will help you turn your dreams into reality. Professional training, state-of-the-art weaponry, career advancement, financial security, decent pay, an opportunity to get a college degree, and freedom to choose place of service. Contract-based service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is real work for real men.

Professional training? Career advancement? An opportunity to get a college degree? Freedom to choose place of service? Perhaps.

State-of-the-art weaponry? Financial security? Decent pay? Dream on!

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Marta Salazar said...

Hi dear Taras!

with such advertising;

I want to enter the armed forces of "the" Ukraine,

ha ha!

Taras said...

Hola querida Marta!

Good point about “the” Ukraine!

A nation unwilling to feed its army will have to feed the army of another nation, as the saying goes. No amount of advertising can change that.