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Friday, June 06, 2008

Orange Coalition Nears Disbandment As Two MPs Quit

Early on Friday, MP Ihor Rybakov of BYuT and MP Yuriy But submitted statements canceling their membership in the Orange Coalition. Technically, their move cuts the life support of the ailing BYuT-NUNS enterprise, a “game over” predicted by analysts and desired by fans of shyrka, or the grand coalition with the Party of Regions.

In his statements, MP Rybakov cites government corruption and failures, while MP But blames internal divisions and the coalition’s disconnect with President Yushchenko’s policies. Yushchenko’s chief of staff, Viktor Baloha, whom the media also believes to be the chief shyrka ideologist, reportedly has close relations with MP Ihor Rybakov.

Baloha has claimed no knowledge of the developments. "I haven't heard that the Coalition is disbanding. Disbanding the coalition requires that a meeting of the faction be held and that a majority decide that they are quitting the coalition," Baloha was quoted as saying.

"If we talk about the Constitution, it should be passed in Parliament by 450 votes, that is, it has to suit both the President, the Prermier and all political forces. It will be a grand coalition or a narrow vision," Baloha added.



Anonymous said...

"disconnect with Yushchenko's policies"


He hasn't made a lick of sense since the Orange Revolution.

He gave a beautiful Easter speech a while back - воскресне Україна - Ukraine will be re-born.

He says corruption is killing the country - but does nothing about it. And plays kissy-face with Akhmetov.

And tells Lutsenko, the guy who is actually fighting corruption, to "lay off." And then has the Prosecutor General prosecute Lutsenko when he doesn't.

He talks about round tables for cooperation - and then, through Baloha, issues 800 decrees in 4 months, to Tymoshenko, torpedoing everything she does.

The list goes on.

Never mind the question of who has the majority in the coalition, and whose policies ought to be followed under the "agreement" made by the Orange Coalition.

I wish someone would tell me what Yushchenko's policies are, what he is trying to accomplish for Ukraine, what is his vision for Ukraine, other than "independence"?

Because to me, Yushchenko's policies are a big secret, and he's doing a great job of keeping them secret.

Taras said...

You said it, Elmer.

Yushchenko makes nice speeches, but his policies speak for themselves.