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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dima Tabachnyk on Russovision

MP Dymtro Tabachnyk, PRU: I think that Kostyantyn Ivanovych Hryshchenko [PRU] will be doing a lot of work in Moscow with the goal of revitalizing economic relations, facilitating border cooperation. Strategically, he won’t be able to change or solve anything for one simple reason: Because the basis of today’s state policy of the President of Ukraine and his pocket Ministry of Foreign Affairs is Russophobia and caveman nationalism of the 19th century kind.

Ooh la la! Don’t you guys want to make Yushchenko a surrogate mother in your grand coalition with NUNS? Don’t you want to make him a caveman for stabilnist? Isn’t that the plan?

And by the way, how did this “Greatest Ukrainians” thing go? How many times did you vote? Did you beat Kivalov?

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Anonymous said...

Quote: "...the basis of today’s state policy of the President of Ukraine and his pocket Ministry of Foreign Affairs is Russophobia and caveman nationalism of the 19th century kind."

Younger generations in Serbia, and I presume elsewhere, are starting to reject ultra-nationalism. This is visible from, for example, comments at B92. The process will likely take few decades, but I am a great optimist that the Balkans, and the Eastern Europe in general, will eventually be prosperous. I think we are moving slowly, but at least we are moving forward... two steps forward... one and a half steps back...

Taras said...

Good to see you again, Daniel!

I don’t know about Serbian ultra-nationalism, but I sure can see no decline in Russian chauvinism.

What Tabachnyk refers to as “Russophobia” can be seen as Ukraine’s legitimate security concerns in dealing with Russia. Moderate Ukrainian nationalism calls for a strong and independent Ukrainian nation-state. It makes no claims on Russian territory.

I want Ukraine to be a friend of Russia, not a province of Russia. This house rule clearly upsets Tabachnyk.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, wasn't Tabachnyk one of the ones whose "economic relations" got his huge mansion featured in Ukrainian Pravda?

I did not realize that there were cave men in the 19th century. Perhaps Tabachnyk ought to study some history - and not the russo-sovok fantasy kind of history.

roosha just tried to buy Serbia's pipeline.

And some in Serbia look to support from roosha to deny independence to Kosovo.

I, too, believe that the Balkans and Eastern Europe will be prosperous, as long as they don't let roosha dominate them.

In other words, President Yushchenko is right on this one - Ukraine wants Russia to be a good neighbor, not a master.

But wealthy people like Tabachnyk are all too willing to sell their country, their souls, their children, their own future and that of their children for the sake of a few rubles.

So he and a few other wealthy russophiles can live in huge mansions in Ukraine as slaves to roosha.

Taras said...

Despite being a historian by education, Tabachnyk got the number a little wrong. The nationalist “cavemen” he was referring to, such as Dmytro Dontsov, Stepan Bandera, etc, spent most of their lives in the 20th century.

Anyway, welcome to Tabachnyk’s castle, compared to which most Ukrainians indeed live in caves! (Thank you for reminding me of this piece, Elmer!)

So here’s the humble abode of a guy who always did work as a public servant, not as a showbiz star. At least, that’s what his income statement says.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if Dima Tabachnyk could blow Dima Bilan off stage on real estate.