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Monday, June 30, 2008

Land Advice From the Guru

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky: I’m giving the Government the following ideas, okay? The liquidation of all special organizations, from hospitals to clinics and the various…uh…huge land plots…uh…that they own will net Ukraine 10 billion dollars, okay? The liquidation of the system…uh…of the systems of the Academy of Sciences — for example, okay? — that exist only in China and Ukraine and also in Russia will also net…there’s a lot of property there as well.

Sounds like the voice of experience, doesn't it?

The expert accounting and the science behind it reminded me of my favorite Depeche Mode song, “
Everything Counts.”

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Anonymous said...

So, the Martian wants to have a Ukraine "going out of business" liquidation sale.

Here's a better idea: rebuild the roads, for better commerce. As people are finding out, including the EURO 2012 folks, the roads in Ukraine are atrocious.

Why? Well, as Yulia Tymoshenko explains in the linked video, they've discovered that well over one-half billion dollars budgeted for roads in the past simply - disappeared. And, with regard to an equivalent amount, the road work was done either at inflated prices, or was not done at all:

Corruption is killing the country!

And all a space cadet like Cherno can offer is unintelligible BABBLE!

But, as with the other oligarchs, he sure knows how to steal money for himself, using government.

"Humanitarian government"

Taras said...

Happy Independence Day, Elmer!

May America lead by example and never experience, nor espouse, the kind of “humanitarian” governance we have here.

We all know that infrastructure development provides excellent opportunities not only for legitimate business but also for money laundering. So, if Ukraine loses the Euro 2012 hosting rights, that will mean that enough money has been made and laundered to make further economic activity feasible.

In other words, having achieved so much stabilnist and success, why try harder?