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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unicentrism Unveiled

MP Ihor Kril, NUNS: Today, we're preparing our political platform, and with this political platform we want to offer a new ideology to society. We say that today there is no ideology in the world — no classic ideology — that would be valuable for Ukraine, that would provide the opportunity to propel Ukraine onto a broad global road. That’s why we call such ideology unicentrism. And we say that it’s an ideology of unity, an ideology of patriotism, an ideology of truth and pragmatism.

It’s an association of personalities that belong to parties of different kinds. Today, I can claim with confidence that the United Center enrolls members of both BYuT and the Party of Regions, Nasha Ukrayina, People’s Democratic Party, Democratic Party, Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ukrainian People’s Movement.

Truth and pragmatism. What a touching combination! My heart melts for unicentrism.

So, people elected you under the NUNS/BYuT/PRU/whatever brand and now you want to do “something” else. You want to build a new brand without losing the seats you gained under the old brand. On top of that, you want to build a coalition that has zero grassroots support among voters of these respective parties.

Does a party that goes against the will of the people and professes universalist pretensions reminiscent of the Communist Party amount to a new ideology? Does unicentrism serve as an umbrella for assorted shyrkadelic androids bent on colonizing Ukraine with more stabilnist? Will this “broad” coalition propel Ukraine onto that "broad global road?"

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