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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Orange Coalition Declared Dead

At today's session of the Verkhovna Rada, Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk said this: "I officially pronounce the disbandment of the coalition of democratic forces in the Verkhovna Rada, created by NUNS and BYuT on November 29, 2007, period."

"Anybody want to observe a moment of silence? Okay, let's skip this part," Yatsenyuk quipped. He then added:

Today is the day we turn a page of Ukraine's political history and open a new one. I wouldn't call this a political apocalypse. Yes, it's yet another challenge for democracy, but I hope that, together, we'll meet this challenge, too. It's not a case when they didn't let us. It's a case when we didn't make it and didn't succeed.

The end of the Orange Coalition marks the beginning of a 30-day interregnum during which the parties represented in Parliament should form a new coalition. Failure to form a coalition gives the President the right to disband Parliament



Anonymous said...

The Times thinks that the coalition fell apart because of Georgia.

So exactly why did NUNS leave the Orange Coalition?

Tymoshenko calls this a "storm in a teacup".

Amazing. If a new coalition is not formed in 30 days, she gets to resign as Prime Minister, and the President can order pre-term elections - again.

"Storm in a teacup."

This is really, really, really hideously ugly and atrocious - and pitiful.

The Ukrainian people don't matter.

Only "political elite" matter.

Taras said...

The Times oversimplified things.

Georgia? No, it’s all about greed. It’s all about jaws. It’s a storm in a pool of sharks craving for a bigger slice of the pie.

Anonymous said...

Now Nemirya is telling the BBC that the priority is to re-establish a coalition with the Our Ukraine bloc.

What the hell are Yushchenko and Baloha drinking and smoking over there?

They had a damn coalition, and a specific program to accomplish.

Except that Our Ukraine simply paralyzed Parliament - certain members of Our Ukraine were members of the coalition in name only.

First they kept poking at their coalition partner. Then when she (Yulia) finally poked back, they walked out.

After all the poking they did, was their expectation that Yulia would just sit there and take all of Baloha/Yushchenko's shenanigans?

Who's the president of Ukraine - Baloha or Yushchenko?

I think a damn chimp could do better - without any training.

"Political elite" my ass.

"political suicidal shit pile" is more like it.

So what's the next stunt by the Ukrainian "political elite"?

Anonymous said...

Let's see.

First, Plyushch, the pig, and a couple others took their good old time cobbling the Orange Coalition together. Finally, it happened.

Then, the Rada ---- did nothing.

The people who were supposed to enact a program to make Ukraine a modern European state ---- did nothing, because some of the people in Yushchenko's party were in the Orange Coalition in name only.

Then, Baloha, Yushchenko's brainiac, worked his evil. He started poking and prodding and jabbing at Tymoshenko on a daily basis. Through "presidential decrees," through accusations, through statements to the public media.

When Tymoshenko finally had enough, she banded together with the PoR to enact legislation to strip the president of many of his powers.

No constitutional reform - just legislation.

Finally, members of Our Ukraine announce that they're out of the Coalition.

Which was supposed to trigger a voluntary resignation as Prime Minister on Tymoshenko's part.

The speaker, Yatseniuk, resigns.

Tymoshenko, the Prime Minister, doesn't, stating that she and her party are not sheep that jump into the abyss just because one sheep has done so.

Who is the president of Ukraine - Baloha, or Yushchenko?

Why are any of those people in government?

Taras said...

Elmer, they truly deserve each other.

I’d call this movie Ukrainian Beauty, or, better yet, Ukrainian BYuTy.