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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Birth of a PRU-BYuT Coalition, Sexually Speaking

Here’s a quote from a guy who couches the mechanics of coalition-building in obstetric and medieval terms.

MP Mykhailo Chechetov, PRU: There’s a…a fo-fo-folktale that if a woman is expecting, then, until she gives birth to a child, she doesn’t buy…she doesn’t even buy diapers, right? Once the child is born, only then does she start buying everything — not to spoil things. Here’s the same case: If we give birth to this healthy and good child — to the so-called “new coalition format” — then it will be possible to talk about how the negotiations went, write memoirs, and so on.

Are Chernomyrdin and Chechetov talking about the same woman?

Some pundits have already Christened the would-be coalition "ПРіБЮТ," which sounds like приб’ють (pry-byut’), meaning "they'll nail us."

Maybe we should buy those diapers right away, before the ПРіБЮТ lovechild is born?

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