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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk Trade Barbs, Ponder Plans

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: The government and I as Prime Minister — we do not belong to a herd of sheep where there’s a custom that if one sheep jumps off the cliff, the rest will jump off the cliff, too. We will not jump off the cliff and instead will maintain the country’s stabilnist at a very high level.

Acting Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk: I’m not a big scholar of zoology, but as far as I know, sheep don’t jump off the cliff. If they are going somewhere, they follow the paths that the herd uses to pass and bypass one cliff or another. There’s a good proverb: They say that the halo looks very good on the Devil’s horns. I think it’s a principle that Ukrainians don’t share. We should be honest and candid. If a decision was made regarding the coalition’s disbandment, we should carry this issue to its logical conclusion, perhaps form a new coalition and follow a new process, including cabinet appointments.

When Yatsenyuk stepped down as Speaker in the aftermath of the Orange coalition’s collapse, he hardly expected a chain reaction of resignations.

The last person to resign is Tymoshenko.
Faced with a dilemma, she sticks to her guns, unsure what to do: (a) Jump in bed with the Party of Regions (aka “abduction by aliens”) and lose many voters, or (b) agree to a snap election and lose her PM job.

So there she is: the champion of stabilnist, the enemy of the herd mentality — all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Meanwhile, Yatsenyuk reportedly had talks with Akhmetov over plans to launch his own party. (If true, that makes Yatsenyuk a very “honest and candid” guy.)

If any of you angels does business with the Party of Regions, you can shove your stabilnist where the sun don’t shine.

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Anonymous said...

Ty dyvy, Yatsenyuk says he's not a zoology expert, but then he explains in detail how "barany" behave. Go figure.

Taras said...

Weird science indeed.

Anonymous said...

Obviously hasn't read Far from the Madding Crowd either or seen the film

Taras said...

Well, I have neither read nor seen it, but it sounds like a love triangle story!

Couldn’t resist posting this one: C.O. Alition “A Poor Bride-to-Be Awaiting Svats.”