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Friday, September 26, 2008

BYuT MP: Rebuke Russia No, Prepare for Elections Yes

So here's how it goes:

MP Ivan Kyrylenko, leader of the BYuT parliamentary faction: A third party has emerged. Sign the same coalition agreement? We support it, we haven’t denounced it.

MP Roman Zvarych, NUNS: Are you ready, are you ready to condemn Russia over [the Georgian invasion]…
MP Ivan Kyrylenko: No way, no way!

Reporter: So your talks are just a façade for the fact that everybody’s gearing up for elections?
MP Ivan Kyrylenko: Absolutely right, absolutely right!

Reporter: Mr. Roman?
MP Roman Zvarych, NUNS: Well, based on what I’ve just heard, that’s right.
MP Ivan Kyrylenko: I stand by the words that everybody’s gearing up for elections.

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Anonymous said...

Last night, during the US presidential debate, John McCain specifically mentioned the feud between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, and how it was hurting Ukraine.

This asinine bickering has got to stop.

Politics is not about loving politicians - it's about working with them to implements specific goals.

A former US President once said, if you want to be loved in Washington, DC, get a dog.

Tymoshenko is a stupid ass for suggesting that a pre-term presidential election ought to also take place.

The Ukrainian "third way" seems to be - bicker, fight, postpone, don't plan, play games of brinksmanship, and disastrous consequences be damned.

With this kind of circus, it seems to me that government has become irrelevant in Ukraine.

The circus has got to stop.

Taras said...

I watched the debate yesterday and will do a post on it.

Tymoshenko publicly opposes pre-term parliamentary elections and, if unavoidable, seeks to pair them with pre-term presidential elections.

In that regard, her position matches that of the Party of Regions. She’s made stabilnist her rallying call. As I see it, stabilnist means presidency — whatever the cost.

If she wants to make deals with the Party of Regions, she must do so without my vote.