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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NATO Info Campaign Kicks Off

They’ve finally launched some NATO commercials. Note how these two build on the Euro 2012 theme.

The North Atlantic Alliance was founded in 1949. Among NATO members are the majority of European countries, Canada, and the US. The main objective of NATO: collective defense of freedom and security of allied member countries. They are ready to defend common values by both political and military means. NATO is the big league, high standards, successful countries.

Ukraine and NATO:
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the logic behind the second ad.

It turns the whole thing into a silly-looking cartoon, with some sort of Japanese and sovok overtones to the cartoon characters.

Wouldn't it be better not to insult people's intelligence, and just give them the facts?

For example:


By Vladimir Socor

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moscow opposes Kyiv's suggestions to begin discussing preparations for the withdrawal of Russia's Black Sea Fleet from Ukraine's Crimea, with sufficient lead time to complete the multi-year process by the 2017 deadline. Russia's position seems to imply that the withdrawal process might only get underway by 2017 or close to that date, if Ukraine insists on adhering to the deadline. If that process does not start soon enough, however, Moscow would undoubtedly argue that the basing agreement should be prolonged by a five year-term, ostensibly to negotiate about the Fleet's possible withdrawal at some later time. Moscow could then drag out those negotiations indefinitely.




Russian-Ukrainian Relations Reveal Deeper Problems

KIEV, Ukraine -- President Viktor Yushchenko’s first meeting with newly elected Russian President Dmitry Medvedev failed to resolve the outstanding issues between Ukraine and Russia.

Despite Yushchenko’s optimism that all of these issues would be resolved, “the negotiations taking everything into account became very heated.”

These issues cannot be easily dealt with, because the growing range of problem areas between Ukraine and Russia, Russia’s assertive nationalism and the divergent transition paths of both countries that began during Vladimir Putin’s first and Leonid Kuchma’s second terms in office and accelerated following the 2004 Orange Revolution.

Eleven areas bedevil Ukrainian-Russian relations showing a close interconnection between domestic and international affairs.

Taras said...

You already know what Ukrainian social ads look like.

The second ad employs club music and targets a younger audience.

Undoubtedly, to send the Russian Black Sea Fleet home, we need more ads of the first type.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Taras.

In a country where most people, including young people, most likely speak at least 3 languages, where people are very aware of other countries (and know geography much better, on average, than people in the US, for example), of political, social and governmental issues world-wide, I think it is an insult to the intelligence of Ukrainians to use a silly cartoon ad like that.

One comment that struck me in one of the articles about the McCartney concert, quoting a concert-goer named Oxana Bulan:

We have been behind an iron curtain or some other type of curtain for a very long time. We just want to join the rest of the world.

Taras said...

Good point about geography!:)

Many young Ukrainians indeed speak three languages Ukrainian, Russian, and English (more or less). But most speak only two — Ukrainian and Russian — well enough. In eastern Ukraine, many older people speak only one language, Russian or surzhyk.

I guess the silly cartoon targets a young audience that goes to clubs and soccer games.

Oxana Bulan definitely speaks for me!