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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ukraine vs. Russia: Vote Online!

If you support Ukraine, click here and cast your vote.

Ukraine needs your support!

I received this link from Jest nas Wielu of Ucrânia em África.


Anonymous said...

To help the Ukrainians, it is necessary to create the external government, the West European for the Western regions of Ukraine and Russian for the Eastern regions.
If it will not be done, the Ukraine will keep its status as European Somalia.
It is no difference today between Ukraine stealing the gas and Somalia, stealing the ships. Both are pirates, poor and unhappy.

Andrew said...

Why are you giving that site ad revenue?

Taras said...

Anonymous, try dividing your own country first and see if it makes you happy. Use your own medicine.

Ukraine stealing gas? Says who? Gazprom?

Besides, if Ukraine engaged in gas piracy on a Somalian scale, why would we the pirates be poor and unhappy?

Andrew, I’m not giving any revenue to anyone, nor am I collecting any revenue. I just wanted to share the link and mobilize some support.

There’s a public relations war going on.

Ukraine cannot afford to lose it.