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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Approved! A Blowout Sellout of Ukraine

Reform after reform, Ukraine is becoming a stable East-West bridge.

From bad to worse. From debt hole to f**k hole.

Cabinet spokeswoman Olena Bondarenko: And as for privatization, I think both young and old politicians are now aware that the state is baaank-ruuupt! Please tell me, what do they do the property of a bankrupt? They seeell iiit ooout! [Denysova blushes, Yatsenyuk boos] And in this particular case...and in this particular case, what they say about effective management...

Yatsenyuk: That’s gross!

Bondarenko: Yes, I agree, we should try...but in this particular case, we also have huge debt obligations that weren’t made by us, that weren’t invented by us. And in this particular case, we will be paying back these debts.


You can be sure the Bondarenkos will pay back their share.

Andriy Bondarenko (hubby) made the Top 5 Nepotist Jobs in the Government. They appointed him Deputy Minister of Emergency Management.

And so did Herman’s son, Mykola Korovitsyn, 30, another Deputy Minister of Emergency Management. Experience: mom’s driver.

He could learn a thing or two from MP Yanukovych Jr., 28, one of Ukraine’s finest lawmakers, since 2006.

BREAKING NEWS: In exchange for a 30% gas discount, Russia's Black Sea Fleet will stay in Crimea, Ukraine, until 2042.



Brian said...

I am discouraged but not shocked by these developments. I am surprised, though, by how quickly it's all taking place. Yankukovych wasted no time eradicating whatever faint hope there was that he wouldn't live down to the worst expectations.
What is the translation of the text on that hilarious image? Is it the text below about being "bridge"?

John Kalitka said...

One the Black Sea Fleet lease, I can't say I blame the Russians. I'd stay, too. It's really nice (I've been there) AND they speak Russian!

elmer said...

First, Banditkovych, Kuchma, Lazarenko and yes, the likes of Bondarenko and the Party of Russia, the Party of Pirates, along with others, rob the country blind.

Then, they suddenly notice and complain that there's nothing left to steal - it's bankrupt.

So, in bass ackwards Ukraine, what's the solution? Sell everything to Russia - and get what you can from the US.

In a bankruptcy, if one is going to analogize government and business - which in Ukraine is still one and the same thing, because the lunkhed thieves in Ukraine don't care about good government - one of the options is REORGANIZATION.

One submits a PLAN of REORGANIZATION so that one doesn't have to sell the company.

The PLAN can include things like cutting expenses, improving efficiency, consolidating loans, improving management, etc., etc.

Tymoshenko's challenge was - "let's build the best government in the world."

That's a worthwhile, noble, worthy challenge.

The slogan of the Party of Russia seems to be - "we've got our wealth hidden away in assorted offshore accounts, so let's just give everything to Russia."

Stupid, sick bastards - including Bondarenko.

Taras said...


The caption reads: “Star President. In two months he did what the previous president couldn’t do in five years.”


And then the Crimeans bill Kyiv for the opportunity costs of maintaining that naval base.


No reorganization would be complete without auctioning off Mezhyhirya, Koncha-Zaspa and other freebies received from the bankrupt state of Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

America is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't. We are blamed for being imperialists and poking our noses in other sovereign countries' businesses, or we are blamed for "not doing enough" to support another countries' aspirations.

This is a case where America should not be blamed, despite the clever cartoons you posted. It's Ukraine's fault, not ours.

Even at Bucharest, the NATO summit where Russia pushed its nose in the alliance's business, the whole alliance said the door is open to Ukraine. But Ukraine did not meet the alliance halfway.

On this blog, you've posted examples of how Ukraine barely meets the basic benchmarks of NATO. This was a problem with or without any Ukraine-Russia BSF deal.

In Meciar's Slovakia in the 1990s, NATO support among the population was very low. But the elites, both ruling government and opposition, got beyond their differences and got Slovakia up to benchmarks and joined NATO.

First, in Ukraine, NATO is not even treated as a military alliance by politicians. Tymoshenko always referred to NATO as a stepping stone to a European club. Big mistake. NATO is not a club, it is a military alliance where people die in faraway places like Afghanistan. Ukrainians were not willing to die to fight terrorists in Afghanistan. Period.

Second, Yanukovych treated NATO like Statan itself and it worked. Why? For starters, precisely because many pro-NATO Ukrainians treated NATO entry like joining a Western club rather than a military alliance.

Third, many pro-NATO Ukrainians want to join the 1983 NATO (to protect themselves against Russia) or the 1999 NATO (to advance into the EU). The problem is that the alliance wants members who are willing to send boys to Helmand province.

Taras said...

My point boils down to this: The U.S. disarmed and disowned Ukraine, period.

The current administration turns a blind eye to the dictatorial developments in Ukraine because Yanukovych bribed it with that enriched uranium.

Well, that’s how the Clinton-Kuchma relationship worked. Step 1: Our crooks give you our nukes. Step 2: You keep your nukes and help our crooks.

As a Ukrainian, I consider this policy unfriendly.

But I agree that we Ukrainians should start with ourselves.

Still, if you compare the U.S. policy toward Ukraine with the U.S. policy toward Israel and NATO/EU-groomed Eastern Europe, you’ll see a big difference.

None of these countries has given up as much and has gained as little as Ukraine has.