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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Coal Mine Blast Kills 2

Two miners died in a Saturday night accident at the Shakhtarska-Hlyboka Mine in Donetsk oblast as a result of negligent handling of explosives, Channel 5 reports.



Bravecat said...

Not again!! :(

Pawlina said...

This is so sad, such needless tragedy for the families of the victims.

So ... what's with so many mine blasts lately?

More to the point, why any mine blasts at all? There is enough information and technology available to make mines a lot safer than they used to be.

Taras said...

Again and again, Cat…

Pawlina, there’s indeed enough technology in the developed world. But there’s not enough truth in Ukraine to keep these people from dying this way.

Pawlina said...

Truth ... and perhaps the basic sense of decency that defines a civil (and civilized?) society.

Anonymous said...

Діти постраждалих на шахті Засядька навчатимуться за рахунок держави

Children whose fathers were killed in Z mine: their schooling will be payed for by the government.


Taras said...

Pawlina, as we can see, the guys who run these mines never had any such sense. Their senses lie elsewhere.

Luida, what about Z-man? Why doesn’t he feel like shouldering the burden?