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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tymo to Haul Zvyahilsky over Hot Coals?

Ukrayinska Pravda has some hot Tymoshenko quotes:

We have to analyze the very fact of such a violation, so that in a matter of three days you will prepare a memo for the government on what responsibility there is and who should be held responsible for paying the miners of a profitable mine based on the underrated minimum wage.

We will make decisions and will take our case to all government agencies as required, so that the people who violate labor laws will be held responsible.

Come on, Yulia! Bring it on. Don't just blow off steam. Bring the heat!



Anonymous said...

Голова Донецької обласної державної адміністрації Володимир Логвиненко переконаний, що проблеми шахти ім. Засядька вирішить не зміна власника, а зміни в законодавстві.
Head of Donetsk region govt administration is convinced that the problems of Zasaidko coal mine will be solved not by a change of 'owners' but by changing the laws.

Of course there is the broader argument can any system reform itself without any internal change which applies to Ukrainian govt in general (can "change agents" be part of the system?) but one way to guarantee no change or reform is to have friends in high places who cover your back in return for 'favors'.


Taras said...

They'll never change anything until they close that mine.

Marta Salazar said...

how many pencils!

Taras said...

Pretty sharp, aren't they:)? I wish she would put them to good use.