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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weird Al Yanukovych Tells a Private Joke

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to dole out our hard-earned money. Nobody said a word about that. The government makes sweet promises to its citizens, but aims to lay responsibility on parliament’s shoulders. As one folk joke has it, “What’s mine I’ll eat myself, what’s yours we’ll eat together.”

Well well well. Did he refer to his personal eating habits?


Buffalo Expat said...

Ha ha ha, nice. I believe that's called dramatic irony because Weird Al is obviously clueless as to why the statement sounds ridiculous coming out of him. At least he knows people are willing to share their eggs with him :-D

Taras said...

This is not the first time he makes such statements. And I’m sure it’s not the last time either. (Remember his “natural disaster prevention” drive?:)

Now, as a non-neuropsychologist, I’m not qualified to issue a medical opinion on how his egg-shocked condition (as in The Eggs Files) affected his cognitive function. But as a Ukrainian, I can assure you it didn’t affect his appetite at all.

Anonymous said...

Weird Al Yanukovych... good one. Never heard that before!

Taras said...

Thanks:)! I think I've applied this moniker once or twice before.

In some of his videos, Yanukovych (perhaps unwittingly) acts a lot more weird than Weird Al Yankovic, which blurs distinctions between being a politician and being a performer.