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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Leontyev’s Paradox

Mikhail Leontyev, the voice of the Kremlin, the premier Ukrainophobe on Russian TV, and a guest speaker at Savik Shuster’s Svoboda talk show:

Today, when making a decision on NATO, you should have awareness, you should think of who you’re going to shoot at. It’s a very serious question. And if you feel like shooting at the Russians, well, it’s your decision, guys. Shoot, you crazy brothers. You understand, don't you? But this question is a very serious one. And that Ukraine, if she assumes [NATO] obligations, will be the first to be forced — as Russia was forced in all her historical alliances to fight until the last Russian — to shed blood raises no doubts. But whether the Americans will guarantee Ukraine’s security is a very big question in this situation. Will they be able and willing to? And where and how the Ukrainians are going to shed their blood for an ill-defined alliance with their historical enemies, as a matter fact, right? That’s...that's the way it is. Now you decide, guys.

If you love us that much, why don’t you just let go of us? Why don't you let us decide? The passion with which you patronize Ukraine can fire up Patriot missiles! If you want more proof, send us more of those ESM boyscouts.

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Anonymous said...

Why the ruckus from Russian Federation? a) NATO is on their border whether it is Ukraine or its current position in Baltics b) not even clear whether Ukraine will be offered MAP c) even if Ukraine was a complete go ahead for NATO membership it would take 10 years or more etc. etc.

Why the wolf's huffing and puffing away at the house? Self interest. That is Kremlin's right, I have no problem with that.

But why PoR is so set (barricading Parliament etc.) with above listed realities (which I am sure they are even better acquainted with I am)? Simply to prevent the current govt. from working(no more rabotayem.) And specifically to prevent legislation from passing. That citizens of Ukraine are not upset that PoR have been wasting time since last year (all began when they went after 300 votes) to now and the country was driven to such a state under their stewardship (inflation rates, economy,...) and yet citizens are not demonstrating to allow their elected officials to try to correct matters? It is just beyond me. Again Jan. 29th could be no different from Jan. 25th which was no different from prior. Country remains in freefall. And ire is not directed at those responsible who are spitting in the face of citizens by not respecting their electoral decision? Just can't understand it.


Anonymous said...

Ummmmm -- WHAT??????!!!!

One joins NATO, and one is immediately and automatically forced to "shed blood"?

What on earth is this guy talking about?

Seems to me that even without joining NATO, roosha has shed much blood, in Chechnya, in Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

I think this guy's brains are totally scrambled.

He is using some sort of alarmist talk about shedding blood --- it's fuzzy thinking of the worst sort, to put it kindly.

Anonymous said...

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Taras said...

Thank you for your comments, Luida and Elmer!

In medical terms, NATO is a voting Viagra for the Party of Regions. They will use it and abuse it for as long as they can.

A mix of negative publicity, sovok misconceptions, and lack of information keeps many voters in the dark. And when voters are kept in the dark, all sorts of nasty things happen to them.

As this video amply demonstrates, the prospect of Ukraine’s NATO membership injects tons of adrenaline into the knee-jerk reflex of Russian foreign policy. The Kremlin wants Ukraine in its orbit, and that’s it.

And who’s your pick for Best Civil Servant:)?

Anonymous said...

And who’s your pick for Best Civil Servant:)?

Ah so many to choose from. :)

I applaud the initiative (carrot rather than the stick) but it have its surealistic Kafka-esque overtones.


Anonymous said...

Is there any doubt any more that the characterization of the Party of Regions as "pro-Russian" (rather than pro-Ukraine) is accurate?

And the latest polls show only 50% of people are currently opposed to NATO, way down from previous percentages.

In other countries, once people learned about NATO, the percentages of opposition went way down from 90% to next to nothing.

So if PoR is banking on NATO as some sort of a rallying point, it seems to me to be a bad strategy.

And, indeed, people should be very angry at PoR blocking the Rada.

Taras said...

Luida, I think I’ve already crafted a few award templates myself. So why don’t they buy a franchise:)?

Elmer, the question is: When will they learn? The MAP application won’t catapult Ukraine to NATO unless, among other things, an adequate information campaign follows.

Anonymous said...

characterization of the Party of Regions as "pro-Russian" (rather than pro-Ukraine) is accurate? ...

I would as others have not say pro-Russian but in fact anti-Ukrainian esp. as one of their stated goals is to battle nationalism.

Taras said...

Their agenda can be characterized as pro-stabilnist and anti-Ukrainian. These two characteristics can be synonymous with being pro-Russian, or pro-Kremlin, if you will.