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Friday, January 18, 2008

Lutsenko Assaults Chernovetsky After National Security Meeting

Sometimes, security fails when you expect some.

The Friday meeting of the National Security and Defense Council became a battlefield for Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and Minister of the Interior Yuriy Lutsenko. No urine samples this time.

As the meeting drew to a close, the two had an argument, in which Chernovetsky publicly accused Lutsenko of extortion. According to Chernovetsky, Lutsenko offered not to bother his son, Stepan, in exchange for a handsome plot of land.

Upon hearing the allegation, Lutsenko couldn’t control himself, which resulted in a cascade of blows coming Chernovetsky’s way.

I am deeply disappointed by the news. And it’s not just the weight of the allegations levelled against Lutsenko and his grossly uncivil conduct that upsets me.
What upsets me most is Bohatyryova's inability as Secretary of National Security and Defense to stand for a man who wants to be a friend of the Party of Regions.

The incident generated considerable publicity in the evening news, and sparked a lively discussion on Savik Shuster’s Svoboda (Freedom) show.
Chernovetsky has promised to press charges against Lutsenko.



Anonymous said...

OK, Taras, I'm not advocating vigilante justice or resolution of disputes via fisticuffs.

But in this case - GOOD FOR LUTSENKO!

He put the Klichko on Chernovetsky - for good reason.

There is a concept in law which might very loosely called "provocation" - which in some cases makes battery justifiable.

Or, in the sense of people's justice, this is along the lines of what people in Texas and other states used to say about certain murders - "he needed killin'."

Chernovetsky needed a good beating.

Maybe the Martian will learn to keep his mouth shut, and not taunt and insult people.

Taras said...

We need him alive for another round of beating — in the polls. Then he’ll be free to catch his flight to Mars.

Anonymous said...

Crap - Lutsenko is dealing with alot of pressure and this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Bummer. If only someone had pulled him away before he could throw a punch.

Though many may dream of assulting Chernoco, it gives him a major win. Major bummer. But isn't Lutsenko exempt from prosecution while in office???


Taras said...

If anyone is going to blast Lutsenko for blowing a fuse, it's not going to be me.

And as one of the many “silent sufferers” living with the consequences of Chernovetsky's workmanship, I'm fed up with NUNS' indifference about Kyiv's massive deforestation, delandization, deinsolation, deplaygroundization and youcan’tbuyahouseization.

I've also grown weary of BYuT's promises. I need action. So if Lutsenko wants to be the Running Man, I wish him good luck. No pain, no gain.

And as for Chernovetsky, he already made a fool of himself on the Friday Svoboda Slova talk show. I'll do a post on his "sad story" as soon as I get the video.

Anonymous said...

lucenko_pro_lyapas_chernoveckomu ...
report and audio


Anonymous said...

Look, Taras, I heard Lutsenko on the Savik Shuster show - and I say even more, GOOD FOR LUTSENKO!

Here's what is absolutely amazing to me - Boogaloogaslavskaya is whining about "uncivilized" behavior, and so was Doodoodolhy.

All about a slap in the face by Lutsenko, after Chernovetsky the Martian kicked Lutsenko in the knee under the table and taunted Lutsenko by accusing him of corruption and extortion.

In the meantime, Boogaloogaslavskaya's Party of Regions is BLOCKING all work in Parliament, and, as Moskal rightly pointed out, and as everyone knows, Chernovetsky is ROBBING KYIV BLIND!

Which actions do more harm to Ukraine and Ukrainians?

It's obvious that Boogalooga and Doodoohead want to focus on a private slap in the face (what' really amusing is that they claim that this will cause all of the security forces in Ukraine to run rampant over Ukraine, beating everyone up willy-nilly - what utter nonsense) in order to divert attention from the skullduggery and thievery of the Party of Regions and Chernovetsky.


In schoolyards all over the world, kids learn very quickly not to taunt other people and to provoke fights.

Just as quickly, they also learn that once a fight is over, it's over.

Except in Ukraine, where the sovoks want to focus on schoolyard fights, claiming all sorts of "morality," so that they can continue stealing and robbing the country blind, which apparently not immoral in Ukraine.

Taras said...

Thanks for the link, Luida!

Elmer, I’m not a big fan of fist fighting per se. But if someone’s non-fatal fist shakes the system a little bit, I can forgive that.

At least we'll know that the fist in the NUNS logo wasn't there for nothing.