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Friday, January 25, 2008

Tymoshenko to Fight Bribery Surgically

We’re launching a multichannel communication system with all entrepreneurs of Ukraine whereby they will use electronic, phone or snail mail — whatever they prefer — to give us a clear picture of where they pay bribes, and what’s more, this information they may present anonymously, without stating their names and the names of those they pay bribes to.

We are not interested in targeting specific persons. We are interested in understanding conceptually where government has the authority — and in many cases excess authority — that entrepreneurs have to pay an excess bribe for — because bribes can be minimized, but to talk of eradicating bribery altogether would be a very lofty ambition.

Just make sure the scalpel doesn’t get rusty, so that we’ll see some serious slicing and dicing.

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Anonymous said...

This is welcome news. A centralized anonymous reporting system. Did not think I would be in support of a "big brother" initiative but in this area no one does it better than govt.Will it have its issues certainly but hopefully it will be hiccups and not wreck the data collection and monitoring. People have to have someone they can turn to whom they report such criminal activity - normally it is the police. And hopefully in future other initiatives will be put into place for reporting tax evasion or drug smuggling/selling or human trafficiking.

And perhaps in future the Ombudsman person could be changed as well? or is this the reason, the possibility of imminent removal that K has been more active recently? Nothing like threat of firing to positively impact on worker motivation.


Anonymous said...

Though in future it would be good for people to name names in addition to providing information because although it is open to abuses and malcontents, in summation all citizens do bear the consequences, no matter how indirectly, of their fellow citizens. (chaos theory)


Taras said...

Well, what can I say? We’ll see what comes out of it. We’ll see how the anonymous system works.

But as for K, I’m even less optimistic. Given the Orange Coalition’s limited voting clout and overloaded agenda, I think she'll stay.

And finally, any attempt to dislodge K would result in a hurricane of hell-raising from her hornet’s nest.

Jeff Mowatt said...

So, I would like to know how, holding in mind that bribery and corruption began what my colleague and I started in Ukraine. It was his letter to the Kyiv Post that began it, before we knew of the activists at Maidan that provide us this platform.

Then far worse, in Death Camps for Children which brought on a blizzard of defamation , which fortunately after nearly 2 years has finally been exposed for what it is.

He's been ready for 5 years, yet I write to and post on the where there is no response or reply.

Luida is right, though. History proves that such anonymity most often brings out those with a grudge against their neighbour or society in general.

We are ready to bang on doors of these psychological internats and demand to see inside. It's a question of taking the the lead, or standing out of the way.