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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ukraine Celebrates Christmas, Part 2 (Updated)

Ivano-Frankivsk a Christmas carol from the chamber choir Cantemus

Lviv — a Didukh ceremony

Sambir, Lviv Oblast
— a vertep at a juvenile correctional facility

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Anonymous said...

You know what really hit me about these videos?

The people seem HAPPY!

This is in STARK contrast to the pictures you see of the commie-sovok types, who always seem to have perpetually dour faces.

Or even of the Putin types - have you ever seen Vlad Dracul crack a genuine smile?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos and for the great music.

Unfortunately not all UA sites or publications (even professional ones) seem to high standards about getting their facts straight for ex. Kyiv Post photo caption "Women sing carols and collect gifts as they celebrate Orthodox Christmas in the Ukrainian village of Pirogovo, near capital in Kyiv ..."
Of course Pirogovo is NOT a village but a open-air museum since 1969 and it is Pyrohovo but (sigh) what can one expect from KP? Sometimes they are on the ball and then they drop it. But hopefully they will pick it up again.

Taras said...

Yes, they look happy, at least for a moment. And of course, Ukraine has more freedom of conscience than the Soviet Union did.

Things are changing in Ukraine, but very slowly. So if we step out from behind the camera, we’ll see that stabilnist doesn’t make a lot of people smile.

We all know that much of the English-speaking media still adheres to Russian-based transliteration and provides Moscow-centric coverage. It’s KP’s responsibility to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

So where are the Ukrainian journalists who will approach the English-speaking media, in a constructive and helpful way, to help them correct their mistakes?

Or, even if there are none, where are the constructive emails to the Kyiv Post and others that will ask the editors to correct their mistakes?

By way of example --

Kyiv Post has a contact page.

They ask that correspondence be emailed to the Chief Editor at: