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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ukraine’s Richest Man Advocates Healthy Lifestyle, Recalls His Childhood

Rinat Akhmetov, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Zhovtneva Mine pool in Donetsk. (The pool reopened after renovation.)

Today, our youths and our kids will devote more time to sports and somehow will devote less time to alcohol and cigarettes. And that’s called a healthy lifestyle, a healthy generation, a healthy family.

I remember how one guy wanted to touch down the pool’s wall, and so he'd hit me in the face with all his might.

Quick facts:
SCM, a company owned by Akhmetov, controls Sarmat, one of the Big Four breweries in Ukraine. Lawyers for Mr. Akhmetov recently won a lawsuit against Obozrevatel, the Orange-leaning online news engine. The hearings, held in a London court, concerned a series of articles by Tetyana Chornovil, in which she portrayed Akhmetov’s youth based on several interviews.

An estimated 700,000 people are suffering from alcohol abuse in Ukraine. According to a WHO study, alcohol consumption among Ukrainian teenagers makes our country second to none.



Marta Salazar said...

Puedo decir que la traducción sería:

"Sería preferible que hoy, nuestros jóvenes y nuestros niños se dedicaran más tiempo al deporte y menos tiempo al alcohol y los cigarrillos"?

es que te quiero poner un link!

Anonymous said...

Alcohol abuse and consumption ... any ideas why in a country which has high inflation rates esp. on foodstuffs, the price of beer has not changed?


Anonymous said...

btw any idea what will happen to Obozrevatel?


Taras said...

Any idea why the exchange rate has remained unchanged for the last couple of years?

I think Obozrevatel will be fine.

The plaintiff’s goal, as I see it, was to command respect in the eyes of Western audiences, and not to make the top of the “enemies of the media” list.

Pushing the issue too far would be bad for public relations.

Marta, tu traducción está correcta. Éste es el link. Soy el traductor de todos los videos.

Anonymous said...

Taras - from the link which you provided
I actually do not agree with the following "It must be emphasised that this is not about bloggers claiming the right to say whatever they like with impunity and without fear of sanction. Bloggers are, rightly so, as accountable for what they write as journalists."

I believe there is a difference between "citizen media" and blogging. Just as difference between journalism and talking. To hold all bloggers to the standards of journalists is flatly ridiculous imho and it points out the bias that is in english culture which is why libel laws are so in favor of the plaintiff. Which is why so many lawsuits for libel are instituted in the United Kingdom. But very interesting article which you provided the link to and the whole story in general - Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Rinat Akhmetov secures apology from the Kyiv Post, a prominent Ukrainian publication