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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tymo Goes One-for-Ten

I’d like every minister to personally and literally fix all the time frames in terms of action, so that these time frames will simply go one day for ten. I want us to draw up a plan of this kind for ourselves. For the 17 years [of Ukraine’s independence] went you-know-where, right? And now we have to speed up our life one-for-ten.

Of course, we know where they went. And we know the guys who did it. So, the need for speed — for some sort of no-nonsense uskoreniye — is there indeed. Let's see how tough her lady speed stick is.



Anonymous said...

Yushchenko said the same thing:

"we are running out of time"

Both of them are right.

Taras said...

With a presidential election just around the corner, both of them are running out of time. And both need to burn rubber.